Henan Jianye’s coaching team leader Yang Ji and player Zhou Dingyang attended the pre-match press conference against Shandong Luneng. Yang Ji said: “Playing at Shandong will have a rotation for foreign aid to give young players a chance to exercise.”


"The coaching staff has not yet considered the roster. The only one who can be sure is Zhou Dingyang. I have to watch the training in the afternoon and listen to the evaluation of the medical team in the evening. Because of the consecutive FA Cup and league matches, the players Our physical and psychological conditions are what we must focus on."


"At this stage, the technical and tactical aspects are no longer important, because the head coach already knows the team's situation very well. This is something he has to consider. In the last round of the game, the plan we made was Dorado and Basso Ge, Kalanga and Ivo are on the court at the same time. But with Dorado's withdrawal, this possibility is no longer large. Because foreign players also need to take a rest, at this stage, the rest is very important. We will also give Some young players have training opportunities to allow the main players to be adjusted and prepare for the second stage of the game."

“在现阶段,技术和战术方面不再重要,因为主教练已经非常了解球队的情况。这是他必须考虑的事情。在比赛的最后一轮,我们制定的计划是Dorado和Basso Ge,Kalanga和Ivo同时在场上,但随着Dorado的撤出,这种可能性不再很大,因为外国球员也需要休息,在这个阶段,休息非常重要,我们还将给予一些年轻球员训练的机会,以使主要球员得到调整并为比赛的第二阶段做准备。”

"We are very looking forward to tomorrow’s game because in the last game, we showed a lot of positive aspects. We hope to continue and have a wonderful performance. At the same time, we hope to continue to serve our team’s glory, fans and We fight ourselves."


"Wang Shangyuan and Dorado both need to look at the training situation this afternoon, and wait for the rehabilitator to assess it before handing it over to us. The most important thing in the second stage is the personnel. Even the best skills and tactics need players to perform. This is our focus. Need to consider."


"Foreign players are unlikely to play at the same time, they may appear in rotation. Because rest alone cannot improve their state, they may need to adjust their state during the game."