According to Manchester United and team correspondent Samuel Luckhurst, Manchester United coach Solskjaer is ready to reintroduce Smalling into the plan, but the player himself is determined to join Roma.

根据曼联和球队通yobo体育官网登录讯员塞缪尔·勒克赫斯特(Samuel Luckhurst)的说法,曼联主教练Solskjaer准备将Smalling重新引入该计划,但球员本人决心加入罗马。

Solskjaer is now ready to reintroduce Smalling into the plan due to the position of the team’s central defender and Smalling’s outstanding performance in Roma, but Smalling has now decided to permanently transfer to Roma in Serie A The team kicks.


According to the latest news, Roma has officially signed Smalling in the form of a permanent transfer, with a transfer fee of around 18 million euros.