I saw such a news today. As the highest paid club in the world, Barcelona is currently facing a headache, that is, a salary cut. Not long ago, the board of directors proposed to initiate a "temporary unemployment clause", which would lower the basic salary of athletes including women's football, basketball and handball by 70%. But these departments require that only the first team players accept this condition before they can accept it. However, this proposal does not seem to be recognized by the stars with the highest income. News from the locker room said that this salary cut ratio far exceeds the expectations of the stars.


After checking, the 2017 Miss World Soccer Martens who played for Barcelona has an annual salary of only 100,000 Euros, while Messi’s annual salary is 40 million Euros. If both were reduced by 70%, their income would be 30,000 and 12 million euros respectively. If this is the case, whose salary cut will have more impact on?


As we all know, in the top professional competitions, the income of women and men can be said to be worlds apart, as can be seen from the annual Forbes World Athlete Income List. Serena, who has ranked first in the world in terms of female athlete income for four consecutive years, can only be ranked 63rd in the 2019 overall ranking. She is also the only female athlete to be selected in the top 100.


In fact, without this epidemic, 2020 should have been a year for female professional athletes to further increase their income, status and influence.


The 2019 Women's World Cup set a new record of 1.12 billion viewers. Due to its positive impact, the English Women's Premier League, which is the most professional in European football, also ushered in valuable marketing opportunities. Last year, Barclays Bank became the first sponsor of the English Women's Football Premier League. They will provide more than 10 million pounds in sponsorship in the next three seasons. This is also the most lucrative sponsorship contract in the history of British women's sports.


In the past, the broadcast of the Premier League was free. Now the copyright is sold in the United Kingdom, and many businesses have seen the future of this tournament and are willing to sponsor. Being rich means that the wages of women's football players have the opportunity to increase substantially. The captain of the England women's football team, Stephen Horton, is considered the highest-paid group of English women's football players, but the annual salary before tax is about 65,000 pounds, which is even less than the weekly salary of many Premier League players.

过去,英超联赛的广播是免费的。现在,版权已在英国出售,许多企业已经看到了这场比赛的未来,并愿意赞助。致富意味着女子足球运动员的工资有机会大幅提高。英格兰女足的队长史蒂芬·霍顿(Stephen Horton)被认为是英国女足收入最高的一群,但税前年薪约为65,000英镑,甚至低于许多英超联赛球员的周薪。

The American women's football team won their fourth World Cup last year. Before the start of the competition, 28 women's football players also sued the American Football Association for sex discrimination, demanding equal pay for equal work and paying more than $66 million in compensation as men's football. In a friendly match, the American women's football team even wore a jersey to protest the low salary.


And just two weeks ago, Cindy Palo replaced the resigned Cordero as the new president of the American Football Association. The former member of the American women's football team is also the first female president in the history of the American Football Association. After taking office, her important task is to deal with allegations of "sex discrimination" by the American Women's Football Association against the American Football Association.

就在两周前,辛迪·帕洛(Cindy Palo)取代了辞职的科尔德罗(Cordero),成为美国足球协会的新主席。美国女子足球队的前成员也是美国足球协会历史上的第一位女主席。上任后,她的重要任务是处理美国女子足球协会针对美国足球协会的“性别歧视”指控。

The voice of the American women's football also affected the WNBA. Earlier, the media put out a cruel fact-Stephen Curry's salary next season will be more than three times the total income of all WNBA players. However, at the beginning of this year, the WNBA and the players union reached an agreement that the salary of top-paid players will reach about $500,000, which is two to three times higher than before. Although still unable to compare with NBA stars, this level has exceeded the income of the average middle-class family in the United States.


At the same time, the prize money provided by the US Women’s Tennis Association this year will hit an all-time high. The Women’s Hockey League has added an unprecedented 24 games due to new sponsors and new teams... Many signs indicate that women’s sports will This year ushered in a seminal year. At the Kobe memorial service not long ago, WNBA No. 1 star Tao Lexi also said that the future belongs to female athletes.


However, a sudden epidemic changed everything. For these female professional athletes, salaries and sponsorships must be greatly reduced, and wages have become uncertain due to the postponement or cancellation of the event. The blow to them is far greater than that of male athletes.


Isabel Harrison, who used to play in the WNBA, has just joined the Italian Women's Basketball Club of Bologna. When the city was closed in mid-March, she realized the seriousness of the epidemic, and the grocery store couldn't even grab a small bag of macaroni. Due to her own immune system disease, under the persuasion of family and friends, Harrison spent $1,000 to grab a ticket to fly back to the United States and is currently self-isolating in a hotel outside Dallas.

曾参加WNBA比赛的伊莎贝尔·哈里森(Isabel Harrison)刚刚加入了博洛尼亚意大利女子篮球俱乐部。 3月中旬该城市关闭时,她意识到这种流行病的严重性,而杂yobo体育官网登录货店甚至都买不起一包通心粉。由yobo体育官网登录于自身的免疫系统疾病,在家人和朋友的劝说下,哈里森花了1,000美元买了一张飞往美国的机票,目前正在达拉斯郊外的一家旅馆内进行自我隔离。

Although she returned home, she still had to worry about her livelihood. Harrison grew up in a family of 12 children, and his parents were in their 60s and were not in good health. "I don’t know when the season will start. Financially, these salaries are important to me, but the situation is now It’s terrible.” Harrison’s agent Lechtsky also worried: “Usually playing in leagues outside of the United States, the salary will be three to five times higher than in the WNBA, but the current situation is likely to lead to fewer customers. Get a lot of salary, even get paid."

尽管她返回家园,但仍要担心自己的生计。哈里森(Harrison)在一个有12个孩子的家庭中长大,他的父母60岁左右,身体不好。 “我不知道什么时候开始赛季。从财务上来说,这些薪水对我来说很重要,但是现在的情况非常糟糕。”哈里森的经纪人莱希茨基也担心:“通常在美国以外的联赛打球,薪水将比WNBA高三到五倍,但目前的情况很可能导致更少的客户。即使获得了很多薪水,甚至得到报酬。”

According to the original plan, the WNBA will start on May 15. Harrison can only look forward to finding a new contract here. At least from the perspective of the new agreement, player salaries will be much higher than before.


Hollis, the American professional golfer who just turned 23, has won three national championships and won the LPGA Tour Championship last year. But even with such a title, she can only share the cost of accommodation with another player during the game, and sometimes has to live in a homestay. This year she won a prize of US$21,796 in the Australian competition, but the subsequent events in China, Singapore and Thailand were cancelled, and her plan had to be shelved, which also meant that she had no bonus income during the next period of time. . Fortunately compared with other ordinary female athletes, she also has two sponsorship contracts.

刚满23岁的美国职业高尔夫球手霍利斯(Hollis)赢得了三项全国冠军,并赢得了去年的LPGA巡回锦标赛冠军。但是即使有这样的头衔,她也只能在比赛中与另一名球员分担住宿费用,有时还必须住在寄宿家庭中。今年她在澳大利亚比赛中获得了21,796美元的奖金,但随后在中国,新加坡和泰国举行的比赛被取消,她的计划被搁置,这也意味着她在下一个时期没有任何奖金收入。 。 。幸运的是,与其他普通女运动员相比,她还拥有两项赞助合同。

There are certainly millions of female athletes like Harrison and Hollis who are worried about their livelihoods because of the impact of the new crown epidemic. At the end of last year, the Dalian Women's Football team announced its dissolution because there was no one to take over, and the players were still in arrears with a few thousand yuan monthly salary. However, under the influence of the epidemic, the difficulty of finding their next home can be imagined. Even the Super League has been postponed indefinitely, let alone the women's football league. Coupled with the postponement of the Olympics, for many international footballers, another important event is missing this year, and income will naturally be greatly affected.


Judy Murray, the mother of British tennis star Murray, was also a tennis player and a famous tennis coach. After the outbreak, she shared an introductory tennis course she developed for free to help girls from 5 to 8 years old to complete exercise at home.

英国网球明星穆雷的母亲朱迪·穆雷(Judy Murray)还是一名网球运动员和著名的网球教练。爆发后,她免费分享了她开发的网球入门课程,以帮助5至8岁的女孩在家中完成运动。