Tiger Fight September 25 News Tonight, Hebei Huaxia Fortune defeated Wuhan Zall 2-0. Xie Feng, the coach of China Fortune Land Development, attended the post-match press conference.


Xie Feng: I am very happy to win this game, the most critical game of the year. Through everyone's hard work, we have made it all down. Before the game, my team members and I emphasized that Wuhan can't lose this game. If they lose this game, then they will lose hope. We can't lose either. If we lose, we hand over the initiative. So we must do a good job of defense, because Wuhan will definitely attack. Including some opportunities created in the first half, so did the second half. Although the scene is not beautiful, what we want is the result, and everyone is more determined in accordance with the coach's tactics.


In the end I wanted to adjust it to 541, but seeing that everyone’s physical condition was okay, so I didn’t make any adjustments. I am very happy to win this crucial game.


Xie Feng: Actually, before Tianjin, I showed you a short ten-second video about a Colombian weightlifter who participated in four Olympic Games. In the first session, he took fifth place; the Beijing Olympic snatch failed; at the age of 29, he finished second in the United Kingdom; at the age of 33, he finally won the championship in Brazil. As a weightlifter, after more than ten years of experience, he finally picked up the gold medal and left tears of excitement. Perhaps only he himself can understand what he has done.

谢锋:实际上,在天津之前,我向您展示了一段短短的十秒钟视频,讲述了一位参加了四届奥运会的哥伦比亚举重运动员。在第一场比赛中,他排名第五。北京奥运会抢夺失败;他29岁那年在英国获得第二名; 33岁的他终于在巴西获得冠军。作为举重运动员,经过十多年的经验,他终于获得了金牌,并留下了激动的眼泪。也许只有他本人才能理解他的所作所为。

I said to the players, "What kind of athlete do you want to be? If you want to be a good athlete, you have to work hard. Why do we work hard and sweat every day? In order to play a level in the game." So everyone in this game. Also worked very hard and did a very good defense.


Xie Feng: Zhang Chengdong is a core player in our team. Some time ago, his team performance was not very good, especially at the beginning of the league. He often talks to him at two o'clock in the evening, and I hope his state can be adjusted. The two main players of our team couldn't play today, but Jiang Wenjun and Zhao Yuhao performed very well.


Xie Feng: This victory will definitely help our players' confidence a lot, and in the championship group, I also hope that everyone will unite and work harder to win the AFC Champions League. This is our goal.