On October 18th, Beijing time, Golden State Warriors star Draymond Green was labeled "playing dirty" because of his fierce foul action. He revealed that he was very concerned about this at one time, until Kobe's later one. Fan suggested that he came out of this trouble.

北京时间10月18日,金州勇士队的明星德雷蒙德·格林(Draymond Green)因犯规行为激烈而被贴上“打脏”的标签。他透露自己非常关注此事,直到科比晚年。范建议他摆脱这个麻烦。

   In the fourth game of the 2016 Finals, Green and James clashed. James straddled Green, causing the opponent to suffer humiliation under the crotch, while Green raised his arm when he got up and hit James's lower body position. After the game, the league ruled that Green had retaliatory and harmful actions after investigation, and changed the sentence to Green for a malicious foul.


   According to league regulations, during the playoffs, a first-level malicious foul is scored 1 point, and a second-level malicious foul is scored 2 points. Once the total score exceeds 3 points, the player will be suspended for 1 game. And Green’s malicious foul score in the playoffs that year has reached 4 points, exceeding the prescribed limit, so he was suspended for one game and missed the finals G5. In the end, the Warriors were beaten by the Cavaliers with a 3-1 lead and missed the championship. Green's suspension is also considered one of the important reasons for the Warriors' final defeat.


   It is also from the 2016 finals that Green has been labeled "dirty playing" by the outside world. Later, Green, who was very troubled by this label, got some very useful suggestions from Kobe.


Green recalled what Kobe had said to himself: "You are pursuing bigger goals, and these goals have far surpassed ordinary people's imagination. The reality is that 99% of people in the world can accept mediocrity, how can you expect Can they understand you?"

格林回忆起科比对自己说的话:“您追求更大的目标,而这些目标已经远远超出了普通人的想象力。现实是世界上99%的人可以接受平庸,yobo体育官网登录您如何期望他们能理解您? ”

   "I never care if they understand me or not, because I know that I am at a much higher level than their understanding." Kobe said to Green at the time.